We at Strategy Productions work alongside our clients to bring the perfect touch of class to any type of event. 


Whether it's a simple photo booth, or a more involved setup with sound, stage, lighting and entertainment, we leave no detail neglected. 


So if you're planning a wedding, sweet 16, bar/bat mitzvah, or just need bring a professional look to that corporate event, Strategy Productions makes it happen. 


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From Hobby to Profession


My name is Edward Bencosme and I am the owner/operator of Strategy Event Productions. 


Before I can even remember I was fascinated with music. It wasn't until the summer of 1994 that I fell in love with djing. Walking through the entrance of my first ever summer house party, it was crowded, dark, and exactly where I wanted to be. The vibe was electrifying, and the dj was playing great music so there wasn't a single soul sitting down. Then came the moment, after a great reggae set, he dropped "Flava in your ear" by Craig Mack. It was the hottest song of the summer that year, especially around my neighborhood. Everyone simultaneously shouted "OH!" and the room seemed to explode with energy. I can still remember the trail of goose bumps crawling up my arm and neck. I was hooked. From that moment all my time, thoughts, and focus was directed towards djing. Being able to have a crowd of people react in such a positive way in just one single moment left me intoxicated with learning how to do it. 


Since then I've been honored to be able to work alongside some of the best in the industry. Gaining knowledge in the other aspects that come with putting together a successful show like sound, lighting and staging. From small house parties, to producing concerts and shows with some of the most talented artists in music, I have been able to draw wisdom from decades of experience. Till this day I love what I do so it was only right that I center my career around event production.



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